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I am a Salt Lake City, Utah based natural light portrait photographer. I love capturing life's moments-- from a child's joy and exuberance to a bride's glow on her big day. I love creating visual memories for you to treasure forever.

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Katrina Anderson

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have arrived safely in Utah and am still in the midst of unpacking and organizing, so to distract me from all the boring household things I need to do around here, I decided to have my first ever contest!

THE PRIZE: 1 family, child, bridal, or engagement photo session. This includes the session time, a $30 print credit, and 1 high res digital image of your choice from the session. $150 value!

THE RULES: To enter you must spread the word about the contest by either blogging, facebook, or twitter with a link to this blog and then leave a comment with a link to your post. You can get multiple entries by doing more than one. You can also get an extra entry if you already are or become a fan of Red Bean Photography on Facebook. Click on the facebook link in the sidebar to find it. (Forgot I put that there.) Please tell me in the comments if you did this. You have until Monday, June 22 at midnight to enter.

DETAILS: The winner must be able to schedule the session by the end of August. Obviously, it must take place in Utah. I will travel up to an hour from Salt Lake City for the shoot.

***I want to add that even if you don't live in Utah, you could still enter and give the session to a family member or friend that does. Think how much they would love you for it! ;-)

Spread the word! You can use the photo above for your post.


danielle said...

Ok you are linked up on my blog and facebook plus I am already a fan of yours on facebook. And I feel like I should do the classy thing and take myself out of the running so that other people have a better chance of winning, but I REALLY want to win;)

Crystal said...

I am definitely a fan on facebook and I posted a link on my profile. I've been meaning to start up a blog too so there might be more to come.

Elizabeth said...

Yay! I'm so excited! I'm already a fan on Facebook, and you're linked on my blog and Facebook. How do I put a link in comments? --- html illiterate here. :-)

Ariel said...

Katrina, we will be in Utah in August for Charlotte's first birthday and I'm dying to get you to do some great pictures of her!


Katrina said...

Elizabeth, you can just do what Ariel did and copy and paste the whole link.

Motherboard said...

Is this where I enter the contest for the photo shoot? If so, count me in!

Zac and Sarah Steele said...

I'm putting myself in for three entries:
1. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sarahkay2003?ref=profile

2. My blog: http://zacandsarahsteele.blogspot.com/

3. I'm a fan of Red Bean Photography on facebook

thedailydelights said...

Hi lady, thanks for this exciting giveaway...soo excited for the winner! Anyways, put me down for:
1. tweet
2. facebook fan
3. facebook shout out

ttys, trina (delightsgal)

Ali and Josh Holt said...

Even though Josh and I dont have kids, i HAVE to enter! We could use some cute new pictures of just us any way! We will be in Utah the last week of July/Beginning of August...so im going to take my chances in the contest! Put me down for these entries:

1. Fan of redbean on facebook!


3. blogged here: http://give-a-curds-n-ways.blogspot.com/2009/06/redbean-photogrpahy-giveaway.html

thanks for the chance Katrina! Hope Utah is going well for yall!

Amanda said...

I'm taking a chance, though I don't feel I have much of one. It's clear you are very talented. I LOVE your work. I looked at your whole site, BEAUTIFUL. We live in New Orleans but fate would have it we'll be in Utah in August. Yipee! Please pick me:)

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...


Jesse & Mackenzie said...

you are on my facebook status as i type. your photoblog is linked on my blog, and I am a fan of redbean on facebook! pick me!!

Luke and Amy said...

I am now a fan on facebook... I love your work! I've put a link to you blog on both my blog and facebook. Yay! I hope I win!

sheena said...

Hi! I'm a friend of the Elisons, whose GORGEOUS pictures you recently took. I would love to have some great family pictures taken and I'm moving from NY to Utah in July so it would work out perfect! Anyways, I put your link on my blog cameronwhitefamilyblog.blogspot.com, my facebook, and I'm now your fan on facebook! Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

Here's my blog post: http://elizajspencer.blogspot.com/2009/06/picture-is-worth-thousand-words.html

Jennifer said...

This contest is now posted to my blog. You know I am a huge fan of your photography!

I'm entering my dear old brother and future sister-in-law to this drawing. They are getting married in October, and could certainly use an engagement pictorial.

Pick me! Pick us!

~Amanda~ said...

Since I'm only on Facebook, that's what I did.
1. I became a fan a LONG time ago!
2. I gave your site a shout-out on my status!

Even if I don't win, we should get together some time now that we live so close again!

Christine said...

Wow! This is an amazing opportunity. I learned about your contest through Amanda at the Golden Helmet Stickers blog. I would love a chance to win!!! Here's where I posted the info...