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Katrina Anderson

Monday, April 20, 2009

Flashback to Halloween

On Halloween last year I snapped these photos of cute Haven for my friend Heather. I found them as I was going through old photos and decided they were too cute not to post.





Joan said...

Wow. I just perused all your posts and I am really, sincerely impressed. There are a million zillion mormon mamas out there into photography...but your pics have a consistency and clarity that is not common. You have a particular style that is uniquely yours.
Well done.

tricki_nicki said...

Oh, Katrina! You're inspiring me to work harder on my photos! Not that I'll ever be as good as you are, but I have a ton that I need to work on and PRINT. These are beautiful.

kgbgraphics said...

A fellow Katrina that also loves, loves, loves pictures as I do!

P.S. Isn't Scriptina the BEST font ever?

Zoe said...

I am desperately in love with that photo of Haven looking up at her witch hat.